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Animation industry has launched in a new pace in attracting people of all ages. It is one of the fastest growing industries that often emerge with high end technologies in each of its upgraded versions. Giving the fiction characters a life in directly connecting it with people is really a challenging task. But, this is made possible by deploying high end technologies. Well, the tools meant to be a significant part in bringing out the great animations. Let’s see some of the high efficient tools how they work in giving out the imaginable theme come into reality vision.

EWC Presenter

The EWC Presenter is used to create a designer’s dream application. The tool provides ample space for creating stylish animations with high end animation effects. It is a HTML5 based application which offers great compatibility that can be easily made to work on mobile and desktop platforms. The tool enables to add objects from different slides by using drag and drop function.

Make Web Video

Make Web Video is used for creating high quality HD animations. Each movable animation has number of frames included as a part which on the whole makes a moving image. Creating each frame separately is a time consuming process. But, this tool allows users to create animation design templates very quick and convenient.


Through Vcasmo tool, HD images, sound clips and videos can be incorporated all together in a single version for creating stunning beautiful presentations. It is also a HTML5 based application that offers compatibility in allowing presentations be embedded into any blog or website.


GoAnimate is a widely used tool for creating engaging and attractive animations especially in corporate and business presentations. It gives realistic vision to imaginary and predicted scenarios that makes animation extremely an enjoyable experience. The output animation designs can be produced in a quick time.


PowToon is the perfect online application for creating storytelling animations, academic presentations and infographics. It provides a variety of animation effects that users can activate by selecting them from a drop-down list. PowToon contains a number of free templates that can be used to create animations and presentations with minimum of effort. The quality of PowToon animations is immaculate and a number of leading brands use it for creating their animations and video presentations.

Tuesday, January 6th, 2015 Animation, Latest News, Tools

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