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Web Design Trends To Look Out For In 2015

Responsive implementation

Responsive design has occupied a major part in the new standard of web design and some users think going off from responsive design will make the structure become coming out from the blue. New norms have to be imparted in the responsive design as to get on with new and innovative ideas for the upcoming year of 2015.

Ghost buttons

Ghost buttons matches perfect for presenting a good look and feel in animation. These elegant themes can be implemented quicker and also pose minimal, stylish and a trendy design which is actually a fine line needs to be continued for 2015.

Typography skill

Previously, incorporating beautiful fonts and typefaces seem to be expensive for using it on websites. Typography skills have now turned affordable and give out more flexibility for designers to use in their web design table. This Typography skill allows WordPress theme designers to come out with a stylish type-centric design.

 Large, beautiful background images and videos

Large, beautiful background images and videos give a promising embellishment to your site. These elements can be incorporated for a larger design style/philosophy as it supports giving out a presentable look and feel for the site.

 Scrolling technique

As Scrolling tends to be more mobile friendly than clicking, this feature occupies the better pace in all forth coming technology updates. It also cuts down the load times and enhances more dynamic interaction between the user and the domain.

Other features

Card design, microinteractions and personalized UX are the other potential features that give designers great compatibility to work in varied platforms. A card facilitates to rearrange columns and helps to retrieve on a complete in-sight of the host domain. On the other hand microinteractions provide an ample space for creating opportunity for promoting interaction that intend make users to get connected with the online source.

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Advances in Web Design Tools

Brands, marketers and designer have long struggled with maintaining brand values on the Web. For being there were two main challenges: colors and fonts. Because a designer cannot recognize what fonts an end user will have installed on her apparatus, the designer had to exploit mainly system fonts like Arial or Verdana unless they were creating graphics. But even in a world of high-speed Internet connections, it’s immobile not a good idea to generate an entire webpage that uses only graphical text. Since about a year ago Web designers’ dream of the concept Web-safe fonts has become as outdated as the concept of Web-safe colors. Monitors have long been able to exhibit more than 256 colors, and now the font barriers have begun to break down too.

With the release of the Firefox 3.5 Web browser in June 2009, the Web was introduced to @font face. This trait permitted designers to display fonts hosted on their own servers to any site visitor who is using Firefox 3.5 or higher. As of July 2010, Firefox has 23% of the global market share but that still foliage almost 80% of the viewers seeing Arial, Verdana or other Web-safe fonts.

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