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Blunders in General Website Design

There are several websites are created on the internet day by day.The real challenge for all website lies in making it as useful for users. Here we provide web design mistake and some suggestions for that.

Poor Readability and Color Scheme

It is the important element of web design. A good interface design will capture the users’ attention but users have to read text to be able get the information they require. Several websites use the peculiar font styles and sizes that may be difficult for users.


  • Evaluate color pattern of other sites and observe how the colors improve readability. Adobe Kuler is a good place to try out different color patterns.
  • Always prefer Sans serif typeface as it allows for easy reading on the web.

Unstructured Content Layout

Website’s content makes traffic to your site. Content Structure is what will make it a success or a failure. Some designers just put a block of content on the web page and neglect headings, sub-headings, bullets, keywords, paragraphs, etc. Use an appropriate page title for every page so that users can easily understand where they are. Even some designers may forget to name the web page.


  • Create sufficient white-space between your text and images by using margins.
  • Update and be consistent. Updating is not only for adding new content but to spot and rectify your past mistakes.

Improper Navigation

Navigation is an important factor in your website because users can easily find their way around. If there is no standard for navigation in a website, particularly now as more new web development technologies emerge, it is very important to recognize that navigation must be intuitive and reliable.


  • By using textual descriptions for all links you can make the navigation smooth. Always provide alt text for images and alternative text description techniques for Flash or JavaScript links.
  • Manage and structure your navigation in tandem with the website theme. Personal websites can afford to be more innovative yet accessible but a business website needs more efficiency and clarity.

Inconsistent Interface Design

Some designers take it to further level when creating websites they use different designs for every web page within a website. This is entirely frustrating. No matter how marvelous and attractive a website is, if the overall look and feel is not consistent, users cannot relate to it and feel less in control and leaving as soon as they arrived.


  • Use a standard consistent template for all pages in your site with links to the main sections of the site.
  • Create simple designs for your sites so that users will never get confused on your website.

Excessive Use of Images/Animations

Using too much images on a web page is a vast turn off. Images are using to capture users’ attention but it can also be a disruption or just annoying. Images and Animations are tremendous and a powerful medium if it is used appropriately. When it is too much on a web page then the users don’t have the patience, time or resources so designers must suggest alternatives or provide the skip button, if it’s a full page animation.

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