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New ARM Mali graphics processors bring 4K video to phones and tablets

ARM processors have been already incorporated in most of the mobile devices and this technology was now even more got upgraded to bring 4K graphics to tablets and smartphones with better long lasting battery life. This upgraded version of 4K display connectors provides higher-resolution screens enabling even better clarity on high-end tablets and smartphones.

The usage of graphics in devices will consume more battery power and this Mali processor stands exceptional as it draws less power than their predecessors. The top-end Mali T860 can render 4K video and has the capability to encode and decode videos based on the H.265 format. The 4K video can be displayed at a resolution of 3840 x 2160 which is quadruple times higher than 1080p high-definition. The 4K screens have not been incorporated in most of the high-end mobile devices. But, Netflix recently has been started streaming the 4K video.

ARM models which seemed to be used in models like Samsung Galaxy S5, the Sony Xperia Z3 and the LG G3 are designed to handle processing of 4K video shot on powerful cameras. But, actually the 4K display is still not available on any mobile device.

ARM holds licenses for CPU and graphics processor designs and does not involve in making physical chips and those graphics processors are used by companies like Samsung, Lenovo and other device makers. The upgraded version of Mali T860 is 45 percent efficient than that of Mali T628. The other version of ARM Mali V550 4K video accelerator is used in conjunction with GPUs and this accelerator has eight processing cores that can decode more than 30 frames per second.

The purpose for launching new Mali cores is to deliver better graphics to make UHD resolution look even smoother on mobile device screens than ever before. The technology also helps to launch low-cost and top-shelf tablets or smartphones. The upgraded version of new T860 comes with 16 shader cores that help to bring more realism of images in games. T830 and T820 are the other Mali chip models used to build pleasing screen quality on smartphones and tablets.

V550 is a 4K video accelerator that gets released in the market which possess 8 processing core that helps to further increase 4K video rendering ability in mobile devices to goes beyond 30 frames per second.

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9 Ways to Create Colorful Office 2010 Credentials

Even if your work is boring, your documents shouldn’t be. The latest version of Microsoft Office makes it easier than ever to create attractive documents, thanks to some cool new tools for covering up text, displaying images, and embedding video.

You don’t have to be a graphics professional to take benefit of these features, and the suite Live Preview and Undo commands persuade trialing by letting you painlessly ditch looks you don’t like. Try these nine simple features to add a little eye-candy to any document you create.

Create your own calligraphy (Word, Publisher): Want to give a document a complex copperplate handwriting look? Click the lower right corner of the Font group to launch the Font dialog box, and then click the advanced tab to access settings for custom kerning, ligatures, and stylistic sets, which create the extensive swirls that give some fonts a calligraphic look.

By evasion, 20 stylistic sets are listed; but not all Open Type fonts have that many different styles, and some fonts change very little in retort to the style set you use. You’ll have to research to figure out which ones work best. Microsoft recommends trying out style sets with a new font, Gabriola, or with Calibri, Cambria, Constantia, or Corbel four fonts that were also included in earlier versions of Word.

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