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Latest Trends in Animation Industry

Animation industry is one of the fastest growing industries that often emerge with high end technologies in each of its upgraded versions. And so, many new courses in animation have been introduced in the market with international certifications.

Earlier the word animation was considered as an entertainment only for children and also movies were screened only on low budgets and mostly measured as low profit making business with less employment opportunity. But, in recent years this was turned totally upside down. Animation industry has launched in a new pace that attract people of all ages. The best example that can be cited is “Avatar” a high budget movie that came with an extreme huge profit. Each frame of the movie was equipped with latest technologies and software of animation and multimedia.

3-D animation software is considered as the most advanced technology in animation industry as it brings life to fiction characters in making it to connect directly with the people. Since people started to welcome and appreciate modern tools that possess high end technology the development of new advanced animation software has also joined in a way with its course.

As animation industry offers promising career, number of courses have been introduced in animation. Some are listed below:

– Visual Principles and Syntactics

– Animation Scripting and Technique

– Photo Communication

– BA (Hons.) Design Ecologies

– Special Effects

– Computers for Animation

– Animation Enginerring

– 3D Studio Max Complete

– Z- brush

– Combustion

– System Management

Deciding career on animation industry guarantees bright and flourishing future.

Friday, November 28th, 2014 Animation, Latest News

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