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Word Press for Nokia Available Now For Symbian3

If, you have ever found yourself at once needing to post online, but you have left the laptop at home, putting words to keyboard will be almost impossible. But not if you have a Nokia to hand, installed with the latest app to hit Ovi Store. This week I examine the WordPress for Nokia app, written by Nokia and WordPress developers using Qt.

One of the advantages, or disadvantages depending on how you look at possessions, of living in this hyper-connected age means that we are always online and plugged in to the world. With WordPress for Nokia in your pocket you can fill up your WordPress-motorized blog, start writing from your phone and post online in an instant, which means you never need to miss that target again.

Word Press is an open source blog box up that gives you the tools to form written masterpiece to place online. The people behind WordPress, Automatic, have been around since 2005 and they have seen the platform’s user’s grow from a handful to become the most-used blog tool in its category. They are also liable for other online tools such as Poll Daddy, Gravitas and other well known Internet services, so it’s safe to say they discern their possessions.

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Metamorphosis – The Radical New First-Class Word Press 3.0 Theme

Metamorphosis for Word Press is the one theme that is at all times Right. You have infinite possibilities with this theme.

Get Metamorphosis for Word Press and stop combating with other themes code. Our easy to use boundary makes designing your website very simple. Just upload a new heading, click a button to modify the color of anything, or click an arrow to adjust font styles. Everything can be done without looking at code.

Is your current theme just not quite right?

Metamorphosis for Word Press is the one theme that is forever Right.

You have infinite possibilities with this theme.

• Don’t like the sidebar? Move it!
• Unhappy with that color? Change it!
• Need more widgets? Add Them!
• Want another Sidebar? Add One!

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If you use WordPress software to control your business’s blog, then you in fact should think iThemes offers high-quality, premium WordPress themes for small businesses and professional bloggers. It presently lists about 18 professional designs, with more mortal added all the time. Once you obtain a license to one of its themes, the site updates you as more become available.

The site also provides outstanding credentials, tutorials, and customer support. Each theme is veiled to increase its SEO benefits, and it’s always friendly with the most recently released version of WordPress.

Most themes cost about $80 each, or if you are a freelance Web designer or developer, you might consider purchasing what the site calls its Theme Club, which is all 18 themes in a combination deal valued at about $1,300 but you pay less than $400. You are able to pass those choices of blog themes on to your customers. It ends up being an easy, low-cost way to get a professional-looking blog.

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Top 10 Ways to Jerk Your WordPress Theme

WordPress is the fastest growing CMS platforms in today’s web design trade. Much of the action in the WordPress society is principally driven by the market for WordPress themes.

The vast selection of free and commercial themes is what makes WordPress so attractive. But the theme is often only a initial point for further customizations. Web developers and DIY website owners like to start with a great theme and tweak it to perfectly suit their needs.

Many themes, mainly commercial themes, come packaged with a robust theme options page, which lets you to organize many aspects of it.

The Top 10 Ways to Jerk WordPress Theme are:

1. Edit Your Theme’s CSS
2. Display Post Excerpts or Full Content
3. Create a Custom Page Template
4. Crafting the Loop: Excluding/Including a Category
5. Crafting Your Page Navigation the Easy Way
6. Enabling Menu Management in WordPress 3.0
7. Create a Simple Conditional Statement
8. Add Post Thumbnails
9. Add Something (Anything) to the End of Every Blog Post
10. Add Google Analytics Tracking Code

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WordPress Users under Assault

WordPress-based websites have once again turn into the target of attacks. This time around, the hacked websites are hosted by various ISPs Dream Host, Go Daddy, Media Temple and Blue host, and there are also rumors floating around that other PHP-based platforms could also have been affected.

The H Security reports that it is still unknown which security hole has been oppressed to launch the attack, which infects the websites with malicious scripts that allow fake AV to be installed on the systems of people who visit the sites in question. To avoid detection, the malware prevents some browsers from alerting potential visitors about the malicious nature of the website.

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WordPress Themes




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Get Started with Artisteer for WordPress Themes

Artisteer can help you instantly to create professional WordPress themes without having an artistic talent or careworn with Photoshop, Dreamweaver, HTML and CSS. Artisteer automatically creates typical theme designs that you can adapt and finalize to your taste.

The following explains how you can quickly create great WordPress themes:
1. Launch Artisteer, then press the “Suggest Design” button a few times, until you see a WordPress theme idea that you like. (you can also use “Undo” and “Redo” buttons to browse previous ideas)


2. Customize design elements of your WordPress theme, including the layout, background, header, fonts, etc.


3. Export your WordPress theme to a folder on your computer, and upload the theme files into the newly created theme folder within your WordPress website.


4. In the WordPress Administration (Appearance – > Themes) select your theme, then activate it.


Congratulations on your professionally designed website powered by your new WordPress theme!
For more information refer to how to use wordpress themes.

Download Free Artisteer Trial

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