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Web Design Trends To Look Out For In 2015

Responsive implementation

Responsive design has occupied a major part in the new standard of web design and some users think going off from responsive design will make the structure become coming out from the blue. New norms have to be imparted in the responsive design as to get on with new and innovative ideas for the upcoming year of 2015.

Ghost buttons

Ghost buttons matches perfect for presenting a good look and feel in animation. These elegant themes can be implemented quicker and also pose minimal, stylish and a trendy design which is actually a fine line needs to be continued for 2015.

Typography skill

Previously, incorporating beautiful fonts and typefaces seem to be expensive for using it on websites. Typography skills have now turned affordable and give out more flexibility for designers to use in their web design table. This Typography skill allows WordPress theme designers to come out with a stylish type-centric design.

 Large, beautiful background images and videos

Large, beautiful background images and videos give a promising embellishment to your site. These elements can be incorporated for a larger design style/philosophy as it supports giving out a presentable look and feel for the site.

 Scrolling technique

As Scrolling tends to be more mobile friendly than clicking, this feature occupies the better pace in all forth coming technology updates. It also cuts down the load times and enhances more dynamic interaction between the user and the domain.

Other features

Card design, microinteractions and personalized UX are the other potential features that give designers great compatibility to work in varied platforms. A card facilitates to rearrange columns and helps to retrieve on a complete in-sight of the host domain. On the other hand microinteractions provide an ample space for creating opportunity for promoting interaction that intend make users to get connected with the online source.

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An Overview of Jquery Digital Clock

Here we provide some collection of digital clock which makes your website more attractive.

A Colorful jquery digital clock

Colorful jquery digital clocks designed using jQuery and CSS. The circles are inspired from Google Plus and the entire design makes it a good look. Especially it is helpful to create your countdown timer.

Demo Download Script

Jquery css3 digital clock

Excellently Designed analog clock created using jQuery and new aspect of CSS3 which allows us scale, skew and move objects in our web page which make us to remember our school day clocks.

Demo Download Script

JQuery / CSS3 Digital Clock

It is very simple and easy to use jquery and CSS3 digital clock with good animation which includes both date and time.

Demo Download Script

JQuery Colour Clock

This color clock is an excellent idea and it is created using jquery and CSS. It represents HTML colors as hexadecimal values as time passes.

Demo Download Script

JQuery Analogue Clock

It is a Simple CSS3 Roman clock created using webkit-transition and webkit-transform properties.

Demo Download Script

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Some Best collections of free javascript date pickers

Date picker is a simple method to introduce a date/time into an input field. It will shorten the process of selecting a particular date or a range of dates and also gives a professional impression to your forms.Some of the famous libraries such as JQuery and MooTools are used to create the date pickers. Here we provide some best collections of free javascript date pickers.

JQuery UI Datepicker:

This script supports several themes and can be used in particular formats.


  • Date range constraint
  • shows button bar
  • different field population
  • shows month and year menus
  • shows multiple months
  • display datepicker while clicking a date icon


JQuery Datepicker

It affixes a popup calendar to your input field or displays an inline calendar for choosing the specifi date.


  • Works as a popup for an input field and has full keyboard equivalents
  • Predefined and user-defined date formats are available.
  • Lowest/highest date restriction and Language selector.
  • Update an alternate field with the date in a different format and also you can select range of dates.
  • Displays week of the year / days from other months.
  • CSS Customizable and Callbacks on hover, alter month/year, selection and closing.


Date Picker

It is a JQuery Plugin which has several features and it is easy to implement in your web applications.


  • Flat Mode – as element in page and can do single or multiple range of selections.
  • It displays multiple calendars and you can also marked dates as special, weekends, special days.
  • Through CSS the look can be customizable easily, Fits into the viewport.
  • Custom day to initiate the week and Localization for months and days names.


Fancy Mootools Date Picker

It is a good script that can be customized easily through CSS.


  • Can specify the number of characters for the day names abbreviation
  • Can be set the total number of days for each month.
  • Editable date format and a standard expression is used to replace the value with a date.
  • Can specify the first day of the week.
  • Year Range is supported and the arrangement of the years from the dropdown can be either ascendant or descendant from start year to end year or reverse.



It is a Script which is written for MooTools that adds accessible and unobtrusive date pickers to your form elements.


  • Stylish and semantic XHTML, Multi-lingual and fancy date formatting.
  • Extremely configurable use of inputs and selects.
  • It has Variable navigation options.
  • Future and precedent calendar restrictions.
  • Supports multi-calendar support .


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Google launched a new Structured Data Markup Helper Tool for webmasters

Google has launched Structured Data Markup Helper tools recently so that the webmasters can present structured data for their webpages effortlessly.

Initially Google has restructured their Data Highlighter to now cover eight kinds of structured data, which permits webmasters to tag key fields easily on their sites for the applicable structured data. Now the tools include the subsequent types such as Events, Products, Local businesses, Articles, Software applications, Movies, TV episodes and Restaurants.

To make use of this tool, first you have to login to Webmaster Tools, select your site and then click “Optimization”, then “Data Highlighter”. Also it provides you the choices to tag a sole page or several pages, check the tags, and then “publish” it to Google. The procedure will take webmasters around 5 minutes for single pages, and 15 minutes for a group of related pages.

There is a Structured Data Markup Helper for advanced webmasters. To embed structured data right onto webpages you can use helper, as the tool provides microdata annotations you copy into the page’s HTML. This information can be used to tag related pages on your site.

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How the Quality of Your Website Can Make Your SEO triumph

The quality of your website can have a main impact on the overall triumph of your SEO campaign. There are two main reasons for this:

  • It is in the main search engines’ superlative interest to make sure their users have an optimistic practice when performing searches. In order to make sure an optimistic user-experience, the top search results must contain websites that not only include information pertinent to the user’s search query, but also give the user with a good practice once on the site.
  • The website must be capable to change guests into leads and sales. A high quality, efficiently designed website is likely to be much more efficient at changing guests into leads and sales, than a low quality site.

How can you guarantee that your website gives users with a optimistic user experience?

Have a qualified Design

Having a gorgeous and qualified design is one of the most significant components of user experience.

A gorgeous design can impress and connect users, whereas an awful design can turn off users, contributing to a high bounce rate and low average time on site. If this happens sufficient, the search engines will distinguish these negative signals as the result of a deprived user experience, and lessen your site’s rankings.

In addition, people are visual, and make sturdy judgments based on first impressions. For this reason, anticipate lower search engines rankings and conversion rates with weakly designed websites.

Produce Engaging Content

In order to give users with an optimistic experience, your site must have well-written content that meets the needs of your intended audience. Users will get annoyed and leave your site if the content is not pertinent to their requirements or is poorly written.

On the contrary, users will stay on your site longer, come back more frequently, and even share your content if it meets their requirements and is well written. Hence, make sure to write content for your target viewers, not the search engines.

As a result of giving engaging content, not only will your site get improved rankings, but the chance that users will become new customers also deeply increases.

Present User-Friendly Navigation

User finds your site, is fascinated with its design, and engages with the content; the objective is to keep them on the site longer. Giving users with a navigation structure that makes it simple for them to get extra related information is a major element of keeping users engaged. If users find it hard to place extra relevant information because the site’s navigation isn’t instinctive, they will likely give up, and move on to the other site.

Confirm Fast Page Load Speeds

A slow page load speed generates an awful user-experience. Both rankings and conversion rates of the page will suffer .The significance of investing in a quality hosting solution that guarantees fast page load speeds is often disregarded. Cheap hosting can charge you in the form of better rankings and new customers, so a quality hosting solution is well significance the investment.

A professional design, engaging content, user-friendly navigation, and fast page load speeds are all uniqueness of a high quality website, and are therefore vital to a successful SEO campaign.

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Simple SEO Tips to Guarantee Top Rankings

Search engine optimization is the buzz creating word in the field of online marketing. Both small and large enterprises are reaping the benefit of this web based marketing tool, which has no other alternative to reach the global market during a very short period of time. Search engine optimization is the service, which help to enhance the functionality of a web page, so that people can get relevant information in exchange of their search. In this regard, it is very important to follow the basic and easy SEO tips to ensure top ranking in the search engine. To get free SEO tips and tricks, it is very important to do an intense online search to learn the tips from the experts and execute them properly.

Importance of text:

One of the most important and simple SEO tips is that one has to include relevant and valued text. Any search engine searches for index text and one who can provide this is supposed to get top ranks very easily. Search engine never index flash or images so well, so it will be better if you don’t stuff your site with them. Nowadays, search engine is getting advanced to catalog graphic captions and PDF files, but the rule of thumb is to index enriched text first. So if you ignore the rule, it will hurt your website image and affect your ranking.

SEO – nothing magical:

Any website, which provides free SEO tips and tricks, can admit the fact that successful online marketing strategies are built on continued attempts with brilliant links and enriched contents. Just comprehensive and structured approach works effectively for a website to get top rankings in search engines like Google. There is a legend regarding SEO that it works magically to build online network. However, the fact is that it is you who can do the magic by executing correct SEO plans and using the tools successfully. At present, internet marketing also takes social media and several other external resources into consideration and accepts a regimental advance to titles, headlines, tags and meta-tags to ensure that the relevant website is ready to deliver better search results. Thus is a must to be strategic and stay up to date to get magical ranking in any search engine.

Simple SEO tips, fix your links:

This might be a simple SEO tips but is more important for them who want to reach the top. Don’t forget to evaluate your website at a regular basis. Reviewing website links is important to be sure that none of the links on your site are broken. Search engine doesn’t invite links, which can’t go everywhere. If a dead link pops as 404 errors, search engine considers that page as a dead one and doesn’t index the pages, which are linked with it. If you don’t care to repair the broken link then and there, the quality score of that particular page will be affected negatively.

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Seven Advanced SEO Tips

If people like most webmaster tools, SEo guide 7 advanced SEO tips. Most of them rephrase the old information and wading thorough tons of fluff. However this is not one of those articles.

The 7 Advanced SEo tips are listed below.

1. Syndicating Articles that Link to Your Sitemap:

Syndicating Articles means, one of the best methods for obtaining one way back links. They are valuable pieces of Search engine bait because Search engine Crawlers is general to many high-profile article directories. If you want to get the Spiders quickly crawling your site, simply submit an informative article to a site like EzineArticles, Go Articles, or Article City.

2. Translating Your Website into Other Languages:

If you marketing in just one language? If so, you are missing out on 64.8% of your marketing potential. This is because 64.8% of the world is surfing the internet in a language other than English. By becoming a multilingual marketer, you directly open up a stream of new markets. Google alone crawls web pages in 35 different languages.

One of the best ways to attract worldwide traffic is to translate your site and register it with both English and foreign-language search engines and directories. If you are a seasoned SEO, you’ll be happy to hear that the competition in foreign search engines is much less than in those of the United States.

3. ROR Sitemaps:

As you know sitemaps are important for making sure your site can be completely spidered and indexed by Search engines. Unfortunately, many of these sitemaps are exact to one search engine or another. For this reason, there have been a number of Google and Yahoo site map generators produced in recent years.

However, there is an alternative that is even more exciting. These are ROR sitemaps and they are readable by all search engines, not just by Google or Yahoo.

ROR is an exciting new sitemap tool that uses XML feeds to describe your website. These sitemaps are structured feeds that enable search engines to complement text search with structured information to better interpret the meaning of your site. With a ROR sitemap, search engines can better understand your products, services, images, newsletters, articles, podcasts, and anything else that you want to describe. For example, if you are selling products, a ROR file enables you to document your product names, descriptions, prices, images, availability, affiliate programs, and any other

4. Keyword Phrases that Convert:

Choosing the right keyword phrases is the single most aspect of any SEO campaign. Unfortunately, many webmasters target the wrong keywords. Too many of us target very general keywords like “real estate” or “internet marketing”. Although these terms get lots of visitors, it is unlikely that you will be able to rank highly for them. Then, even if you do, this type of traffic produces very low conversion rates because it does not target prospects.

If you target keyword phrases that are 3-4 words long. Who do you think is more likely to buy the product; someone who goes to Google and searches for “iPod” or someone who searches for “4gb black iPod nano”? Obviously, the person who searches for a more specific phrase is much closer to making a buying decision.

5. GoogSpy:

If you like to get an in-depth view of your competitors run their business? Well, you can do exactly that with an online service known as GoogSpy. GoogSpy is a free investigate tool that will tell you what keywords your competitors are bidding on.

This tool tracks over 500,000 keywords every day from Google and then loads this goldmine of information into the database. Using this tool, you can browse by company or by search term. This tool is extremely powerful. Unfortunately, many people take it for granted. This service basically hands you a business strategy on a silver platter. Maybe we should just keep this one to ourselves and enjoy the benefits of being one step ahead of our competition.

6. Internal Links within Content:

The navigation of your site is a crucial element of your search engine optimization campaign. Each link within your navigational structure should associate with a key phrase that you are trying to rank for. However, you can also include internal links within your content. For example, let’s say you have written an article about online marketing. Within the article are a number of keyword phrases. Some of these phrases include “link popularity” and “web site traffic”. If you have other articles within your site that is relevant to these topics, then you should definitely link those keyword phrases to those articles. By doing this, you can increase the link popularity of other pages within the same site.

7. Using Your Log Files for SEO:

Your server logs reveal very important information about your site. If you learn to use them properly, they can quickly help to maximize your site’s traffic and conversion rates.

One of the most valuable pieces of information found in your register files are search phrases. The log files will tell you exactly which keywords people are using to find your website.

Once you have optimized a page, the log files will tell you how people are finding that page and what keywords they are searching for to get there. If you find that people are using keywords that you had not thought of to get to a certain page, it would probably be in your best interest to further optimize that page for those keywords.

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