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Tools for creating great Animations

Animation industry has launched in a new pace in attracting people of all ages. It is one of the fastest growing industries that often emerge with high end technologies in each of its upgraded versions. Giving the fiction characters a life in directly connecting it with people is really a challenging task. But, this is made possible by deploying high end technologies. Well, the tools meant to be a significant part in bringing out the great animations. Let’s see some of the high efficient tools how they work in giving out the imaginable theme come into reality vision.

EWC Presenter

The EWC Presenter is used to create a designer’s dream application. The tool provides ample space for creating stylish animations with high end animation effects. It is a HTML5 based application which offers great compatibility that can be easily made to work on mobile and desktop platforms. The tool enables to add objects from different slides by using drag and drop function.

Make Web Video

Make Web Video is used for creating high quality HD animations. Each movable animation has number of frames included as a part which on the whole makes a moving image. Creating each frame separately is a time consuming process. But, this tool allows users to create animation design templates very quick and convenient.


Through Vcasmo tool, HD images, sound clips and videos can be incorporated all together in a single version for creating stunning beautiful presentations. It is also a HTML5 based application that offers compatibility in allowing presentations be embedded into any blog or website.


GoAnimate is a widely used tool for creating engaging and attractive animations especially in corporate and business presentations. It gives realistic vision to imaginary and predicted scenarios that makes animation extremely an enjoyable experience. The output animation designs can be produced in a quick time.


PowToon is the perfect online application for creating storytelling animations, academic presentations and infographics. It provides a variety of animation effects that users can activate by selecting them from a drop-down list. PowToon contains a number of free templates that can be used to create animations and presentations with minimum of effort. The quality of PowToon animations is immaculate and a number of leading brands use it for creating their animations and video presentations.

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An Overview of Jquery Digital Clock

Here we provide some collection of digital clock which makes your website more attractive.

A Colorful jquery digital clock

Colorful jquery digital clocks designed using jQuery and CSS. The circles are inspired from Google Plus and the entire design makes it a good look. Especially it is helpful to create your countdown timer.

Demo Download Script

Jquery css3 digital clock

Excellently Designed analog clock created using jQuery and new aspect of CSS3 which allows us scale, skew and move objects in our web page which make us to remember our school day clocks.

Demo Download Script

JQuery / CSS3 Digital Clock

It is very simple and easy to use jquery and CSS3 digital clock with good animation which includes both date and time.

Demo Download Script

JQuery Colour Clock

This color clock is an excellent idea and it is created using jquery and CSS. It represents HTML colors as hexadecimal values as time passes.

Demo Download Script

JQuery Analogue Clock

It is a Simple CSS3 Roman clock created using webkit-transition and webkit-transform properties.

Demo Download Script

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Google Proclaims the Launch of Content Experiments API for Developers

Recently Google has proclaims the launch of a specific API for Content Experiments for developers. The same tool that permits users to use A/B content tests on their site is now obtainable through an API. Now it is easy for developers to pick and select from all the features available within Google Analytics Content Experiments and create a custom solution that fits their needs with the help of Content Experiments API.

It has many advantages some of them are:

Testing Without Redirects: A fraction of code on your “A” page redirects users to the “B” page and remove from the end-user experience while doing A/B tests with Content Experiments. By using the new Content Experiments API, now you can test the content effortlessly without using redirects.

Server-Side Testing: Current Content Experiments in Google Analytics only permits for client-side testing. But now developers can now run tests server-side to test experimentations with different page-dependent elements like a database query by using new Content Experiments API. Also Google offers technical documentation that contains sample Python code through Google’s App Engine.

Additional Variation Selection Logic: Using the multi-armed bandit approach to your Content Experiment permits you to serve changes of your A/B testing. While still reporting the results of your tests within Google Analytics, developers can evade Google’s programmatic optimization by using the new Content Experiment API.

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Google launched a new Structured Data Markup Helper Tool for webmasters

Google has launched Structured Data Markup Helper tools recently so that the webmasters can present structured data for their webpages effortlessly.

Initially Google has restructured their Data Highlighter to now cover eight kinds of structured data, which permits webmasters to tag key fields easily on their sites for the applicable structured data. Now the tools include the subsequent types such as Events, Products, Local businesses, Articles, Software applications, Movies, TV episodes and Restaurants.

To make use of this tool, first you have to login to Webmaster Tools, select your site and then click “Optimization”, then “Data Highlighter”. Also it provides you the choices to tag a sole page or several pages, check the tags, and then “publish” it to Google. The procedure will take webmasters around 5 minutes for single pages, and 15 minutes for a group of related pages.

There is a Structured Data Markup Helper for advanced webmasters. To embed structured data right onto webpages you can use helper, as the tool provides microdata annotations you copy into the page’s HTML. This information can be used to tag related pages on your site.

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How to remove the unused Google account with ‘Inactive Account Manager’

Recently Google introduced a new account feature which provides choices to the user as to what they actually want to do with their account related data. They can either select for sharing it with close ones or cancel their account permanently.

This new feature can be accessible from the settings page of Google Accounts and it is termed as ‘Inactive Account Manager’. Using this feature user gets an authority to choose from several options telling the leading search engine what to do with their Google services data or Gmail data. Also it assists the user to decide when the account should be made inactive and also who to be notified for the same.

Users need to manage the following settings in order to make their account disable:

Set a Timeout Period:

Users are requested to set a time out period in order to notify Google when accurately to remove the account and this period begins from the last login activity of the user.

Getting Alert:

It will alert the users through text message or email before the end of the time-out period.

Inform contacts & share data:

It allows users to choose whether the close contacts should be informed about the inactivation of your account or not. Also users can share the information if they want to.

Deletion of account:

It allows users to instruct Google about the utter deletion of account.

It is very difficult to guess how the users will deal with it. However it definitely guarantees to plan a new digital life once the old one is gone.

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Important SEO Power Tools and their use

Here we provide a variety of SEO power tools that will assist analyze technical problems and optimize your website or maybe gain insight on what your competition is doing.

IIS SEO Toolkit

IIS SEO Toolkit is a free SEO tool that permits you to examine SEO features like your site’s content, structure, and URLs for search engine spiders. It evidently shows you problems that your site may have. Also it shows errors or items that need attention with a red x, so it makes it really simple to see the problem you need to correct.

Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is an SEO tool tha spider’s thing like links, CSS, and images from an SEO viewpoint. Also it will point out your problems like 302s, so that you can hastily share with your developers to fix. Another significant feature is that you can export things like page title, Meta descriptions and URLs to an Excel document; therefore you can acquire a clear analysis to base recommendations from.

Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO provides a robust set of link tools that allows you to explore and track any domain in granular aspects.

Adobe Site Catalyst

Adobe Site Catalyst allows you to see how your traffic has enhanced every year and also keeps you conscious of cyclical events. Adobe Site Catalyst allows you to see how your traffic has enhanced every year and also keeps you conscious of cyclical events.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a tool that is extremely suggested as you can see how several items that you should be aware of if you’re in online marketing. It enables you to recognize how your site is doing from a day-to-day, month-to-month and year-to-year perspective.


SEMrush is a good tool used for doing keyword and competitive research. It provides you perceptive information on keywords that are driving traffic to your site and also permits you to find out information about your competitor’s paid search keywords, rankings, and traffic data.

Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster tools lets you see how Google sees your site and can make you aware of site problems like 404 pages and if your site has been affected with malware.

Bing Webmaster Tools

A Bing Webmaster tool is a tool lets you see how your site is performing from a Bing perspective.

SEO Tool Set

SEO Tool Set looks at your server header and can discover redirects as well as follows and points out problems related to your site’s performance.

Google Trends

Google Trends is a keyword research tool that allows you see what variations of a keyword or phrase is effective in search. Also it allows you brainstorm content.Also it is a good tool if you need help creating optimized content for advertising messaging. It allows you discover seasonality hence you can find out when a certain keyword phrase may perform versus others.

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Important SEO Tools for Auditing and Troubleshooting Onsite Issues

Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools suite offers insight into the overall strength of a website and clearly points out the issues that can harmfully affect a site’s organic search. Just signing up for a Google account and verifying ownership of the website in question by adding either a verification file to the website’s server including a verification meta tag on the homepage Logging in Google will gives a list of recent alerts for each website being controlled under the account. We can see List of suggested actions just by clicking on “View details”.

If there are no suggested actions then look in the “Health” section within the Google Webmaster Tools interface using the left sidebar navigation. The Crawl Stats report provides a list of URLs that return errors and a timeline screening the total number of errors found on a daily basis which is useful in troubleshooting The Index Status report is useful tools in troubleshooting on-site issues that can cause reduce traffic and keyword rankings.


BrowSEO is simple to use and provides a free look into a page as viewed by search engine spiders. Just input the URL of a page and click “Browse” button. The tool will give a left-hand column having each page element as it would be seen by a search engine spider and a right-hand column that gives information about several page elements .Contrast the spider simulation of the page to the real version a user sees. If any main content is evident to users but not spiders, the page is likely not being accredited for that content and there is neglected opportunity for organic search performance.

An important feature is the “Check for Cloaking-Attempt” obtainable from the “Check for fraud” link in the right column. It will compares the version of the page a spider sees to the version a user sees to guarantee that there is no cloaking being present on the page.

Screaming Frog

Crawling a website with Screaming Frog returns an enormous amount of information and is useful for discover server errors, replica content and broken links which may not have been reported in Google Webmaster Tools.

First download the desktop program and run it by entering the URL of the homepage and clicking “Start”. The crawl will give several data points, divided out of different tabs. For example, the “Internal” and the “External” tab will list all inbound and outbound links along with the status code. It is simple to identify the broken internal links. The “Page Titles” and “Meta Descriptions” tabs can help identify duplicate content problems.

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