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Tools for creating great Animations

Animation industry has launched in a new pace in attracting people of all ages. It is one of the fastest growing industries that often emerge with high end technologies in each of its upgraded versions. Giving the fiction characters a life in directly connecting it with people is really a challenging task. But, this is made possible by deploying high end technologies. Well, the tools meant to be a significant part in bringing out the great animations. Let’s see some of the high efficient tools how they work in giving out the imaginable theme come into reality vision.

EWC Presenter

The EWC Presenter is used to create a designer’s dream application. The tool provides ample space for creating stylish animations with high end animation effects. It is a HTML5 based application which offers great compatibility that can be easily made to work on mobile and desktop platforms. The tool enables to add objects from different slides by using drag and drop function.

Make Web Video

Make Web Video is used for creating high quality HD animations. Each movable animation has number of frames included as a part which on the whole makes a moving image. Creating each frame separately is a time consuming process. But, this tool allows users to create animation design templates very quick and convenient.


Through Vcasmo tool, HD images, sound clips and videos can be incorporated all together in a single version for creating stunning beautiful presentations. It is also a HTML5 based application that offers compatibility in allowing presentations be embedded into any blog or website.


GoAnimate is a widely used tool for creating engaging and attractive animations especially in corporate and business presentations. It gives realistic vision to imaginary and predicted scenarios that makes animation extremely an enjoyable experience. The output animation designs can be produced in a quick time.


PowToon is the perfect online application for creating storytelling animations, academic presentations and infographics. It provides a variety of animation effects that users can activate by selecting them from a drop-down list. PowToon contains a number of free templates that can be used to create animations and presentations with minimum of effort. The quality of PowToon animations is immaculate and a number of leading brands use it for creating their animations and video presentations.

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Web Design Trends To Look Out For In 2015

Responsive implementation

Responsive design has occupied a major part in the new standard of web design and some users think going off from responsive design will make the structure become coming out from the blue. New norms have to be imparted in the responsive design as to get on with new and innovative ideas for the upcoming year of 2015.

Ghost buttons

Ghost buttons matches perfect for presenting a good look and feel in animation. These elegant themes can be implemented quicker and also pose minimal, stylish and a trendy design which is actually a fine line needs to be continued for 2015.

Typography skill

Previously, incorporating beautiful fonts and typefaces seem to be expensive for using it on websites. Typography skills have now turned affordable and give out more flexibility for designers to use in their web design table. This Typography skill allows WordPress theme designers to come out with a stylish type-centric design.

 Large, beautiful background images and videos

Large, beautiful background images and videos give a promising embellishment to your site. These elements can be incorporated for a larger design style/philosophy as it supports giving out a presentable look and feel for the site.

 Scrolling technique

As Scrolling tends to be more mobile friendly than clicking, this feature occupies the better pace in all forth coming technology updates. It also cuts down the load times and enhances more dynamic interaction between the user and the domain.

Other features

Card design, microinteractions and personalized UX are the other potential features that give designers great compatibility to work in varied platforms. A card facilitates to rearrange columns and helps to retrieve on a complete in-sight of the host domain. On the other hand microinteractions provide an ample space for creating opportunity for promoting interaction that intend make users to get connected with the online source.

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New ARM Mali graphics processors bring 4K video to phones and tablets

ARM processors have been already incorporated in most of the mobile devices and this technology was now even more got upgraded to bring 4K graphics to tablets and smartphones with better long lasting battery life. This upgraded version of 4K display connectors provides higher-resolution screens enabling even better clarity on high-end tablets and smartphones.

The usage of graphics in devices will consume more battery power and this Mali processor stands exceptional as it draws less power than their predecessors. The top-end Mali T860 can render 4K video and has the capability to encode and decode videos based on the H.265 format. The 4K video can be displayed at a resolution of 3840 x 2160 which is quadruple times higher than 1080p high-definition. The 4K screens have not been incorporated in most of the high-end mobile devices. But, Netflix recently has been started streaming the 4K video.

ARM models which seemed to be used in models like Samsung Galaxy S5, the Sony Xperia Z3 and the LG G3 are designed to handle processing of 4K video shot on powerful cameras. But, actually the 4K display is still not available on any mobile device.

ARM holds licenses for CPU and graphics processor designs and does not involve in making physical chips and those graphics processors are used by companies like Samsung, Lenovo and other device makers. The upgraded version of Mali T860 is 45 percent efficient than that of Mali T628. The other version of ARM Mali V550 4K video accelerator is used in conjunction with GPUs and this accelerator has eight processing cores that can decode more than 30 frames per second.

The purpose for launching new Mali cores is to deliver better graphics to make UHD resolution look even smoother on mobile device screens than ever before. The technology also helps to launch low-cost and top-shelf tablets or smartphones. The upgraded version of new T860 comes with 16 shader cores that help to bring more realism of images in games. T830 and T820 are the other Mali chip models used to build pleasing screen quality on smartphones and tablets.

V550 is a 4K video accelerator that gets released in the market which possess 8 processing core that helps to further increase 4K video rendering ability in mobile devices to goes beyond 30 frames per second.

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Latest Trends in Animation Industry

Animation industry is one of the fastest growing industries that often emerge with high end technologies in each of its upgraded versions. And so, many new courses in animation have been introduced in the market with international certifications.

Earlier the word animation was considered as an entertainment only for children and also movies were screened only on low budgets and mostly measured as low profit making business with less employment opportunity. But, in recent years this was turned totally upside down. Animation industry has launched in a new pace that attract people of all ages. The best example that can be cited is “Avatar” a high budget movie that came with an extreme huge profit. Each frame of the movie was equipped with latest technologies and software of animation and multimedia.

3-D animation software is considered as the most advanced technology in animation industry as it brings life to fiction characters in making it to connect directly with the people. Since people started to welcome and appreciate modern tools that possess high end technology the development of new advanced animation software has also joined in a way with its course.

As animation industry offers promising career, number of courses have been introduced in animation. Some are listed below:

– Visual Principles and Syntactics

– Animation Scripting and Technique

– Photo Communication

– BA (Hons.) Design Ecologies

– Special Effects

– Computers for Animation

– Animation Enginerring

– 3D Studio Max Complete

– Z- brush

– Combustion

– System Management

Deciding career on animation industry guarantees bright and flourishing future.

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Delete junk to recover from Panda update

Panda is the bigger of the 2 updates now. Panda has overtaken Penguin to be the most dreaded update of all time. Google has realized punishing a site based on it’s back links is ridiculous. Now Google’s target is your onpage factors and contents. Google has made over 20 plus changes to their Panda algorithm to weed out junk sites. It is important you clean your site now to avoid future boot from search results.

If you have junk on your site it is time to clean up. Prevent any penalties in future by making your site update proof. An update proof site is one that cannot be booted regardless of what the changes come in search engines. Only way to have an update proof site is to have organic backlinks and Unique contents. If you write your contents then you don’t have to worry but remember hiring a cheap writer from a third world country is not the same as you writing yourself. If you write something about your site you will already have the necessary expertise to bring quality information. A cheap freelance writer will not do the same. All they do is paraphrase and plagiarize from Internet.

Red alert has been issues clean your site or forget your search engine rankings.


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Google Proclaims the Launch of Content Experiments API for Developers

Recently Google has proclaims the launch of a specific API for Content Experiments for developers. The same tool that permits users to use A/B content tests on their site is now obtainable through an API. Now it is easy for developers to pick and select from all the features available within Google Analytics Content Experiments and create a custom solution that fits their needs with the help of Content Experiments API.

It has many advantages some of them are:

Testing Without Redirects: A fraction of code on your “A” page redirects users to the “B” page and remove from the end-user experience while doing A/B tests with Content Experiments. By using the new Content Experiments API, now you can test the content effortlessly without using redirects.

Server-Side Testing: Current Content Experiments in Google Analytics only permits for client-side testing. But now developers can now run tests server-side to test experimentations with different page-dependent elements like a database query by using new Content Experiments API. Also Google offers technical documentation that contains sample Python code through Google’s App Engine.

Additional Variation Selection Logic: Using the multi-armed bandit approach to your Content Experiment permits you to serve changes of your A/B testing. While still reporting the results of your tests within Google Analytics, developers can evade Google’s programmatic optimization by using the new Content Experiment API.

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Google released Penguin 2.0 update

Google has released version 2 of Penguin update recently. Actually the first penguin version 1 update affects the internet. Webmasters have to recreate themselves and cuddle content marketing. Google is completely dedicated to their task of making the search engines user friendly and helpful.

Really, we had plenty of time to get ready for this latest update, as Matt Cutts intimated about it several times. This version 2 update will be more severe comparing to the version 1 of Penguin and is mainly targeting black hat spam.If you have been concentrated on contents quality and you have not involved in any black hat techniques then you need not to worry. Only the Spammers and black hat SEOs should be troubled.

Moreover, there are numerous reports saying that even though with the Penguin update still Google is ranking spam site. Now it is easy for the users to inform about the spam sites to Google by using Google penguin 2.0 Spam Report Form.When you visit the form, Google asks you about the spam site information such as URL of the spam sites which is still ranking, any additional information about the spam results and URL of the search result that shows the problem. In this latest form Google isn’t providing you the option to report sites that shouldn’t have been affected by this update.

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