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Top 8 SEO Blogs you should be Aware of

Many bloggers are asked to focus on search engine optimization (SEO) so that an article that the blogger wrote will rank fine on a Google results page. Bloggers can easily immediately fill in these spaces and continue onto the next project.

However, there is actually quite a bit of SEO information available that could truly help bloggers. If bloggers really understood SEO, they would be better understand:

•   Topics that have the chance to rank well on Google. This will help a blogger’s writing gain additional exposure.

•  The meaning of Meta data and how Google uses Meta data. Understanding this information will help again improve the SEO and general visibility of an article.

• Any changes that are happening with Google algorithms. These updates frequently change a website’s approach to content (usually for the better).

•  Bloggers are more profitable if they really understand SEO.

Shown below is a list of favorite SEO blogs (in no particular order) that could really help educate a blogger about the more advanced aspects of SEO:

Top 10 SEO Blogs for Bloggers:

1. Higher Visibility – This blog at all times seems to explain SEO information in a way that is concise and easy to understand. In other words, it is a PR 6 blog for a reason.

2. Search Engine Optimization Journal – Managed by long-time SEO specialist Nick Stamoulis, this blog is always looking to educate.

3. Search Engine Journal – This blog offers a wealth of information and breaks SEO down into different categories to help keep so much information organized. Also a PR 6 site.

4. SEOMoz – This is by far one of the most trustworthy sites in the SEO world. The articles shared here are always extremely detailed with step by step instructions and screenshots that help make sure you’re understand absolutely any aspect of SEO.

5. Search Engine Land – This is where I go to get all of my updates about some changes that Google is making. They talk with Google directly and always have the most up-to-date information the minute it will happen.

6. Search Engine Watch – This PR 7 site offers top quality information featured on an easy to navigation website.

7. Search Engine Roundtable – This blog also offers breaking news in the SEO world, and you’ll often find this at the top of SERPs. Although only a PR 3, the content is top quality.

8. SEO Book – This site is also great for tutorials and screenshots in order to help teach. Aaron Wall is one of the top SEO experts in the field and manages this blog.

It is certainly not necessary for the average blogger to be keeping up with all of these different blogs, but consider finding one or two that you enjoy. If you can’t seem to find the information you need or something that interests you, move on to the next.

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A wondering about 5 SEO tips for 2012

In 2011, there were major changes made to Google’s algorithm that has paved the way for a new emphasis on ‘original’ content. Regardless of the year, content will always reign as king in the SEO world. If you’re wondering about SEO tips for 2012, you are not alone. There are many entrepreneurs and business owners who are curious about the latest SEO trends. The following are a few tips to help you achieve good results for the upcoming New Year.

1. Content Will Still Reign as King in 2012

In 2011, there were major changes made to Google’s algorithm that has paved the way for a new stress on ‘original’ content.  Regardless of the year, content will always reign as king in the SEO world.

In 2012, you should have a balance of human friendly content and search engine friendly content.  After all, your potential customers (or contacts) are going to be the one’s purchasing your products or services.
Gone are the days when website owners used to squeak by with badly written content from basement content writers.  If you would like to get noticed in the search engines, having quality content will be the key to your online success in 2012.

2. Web Content should be Scannable for Mobile Users

Remember, a percentage of your web users will be searching the Web from their iPad and mobile device. If you post content that takes too long to get to the point, people can get bored and move on to your competitor’s website.
Make sure you include a clear Call to Action on every page of your website.

Consider hiring a good SEO copywriter to create fresh content for your website, blog and social media sites.  You’ll be one step ahead of the game with a expert SEO copywriter.  SEO copywriters are specialists who are trained to write profitable content that helps in converting readers into paying customers.

3. Is your SEO Consultant Wasting your Time and Money?

If the answer is ‘yes’ or ‘not sure’, that’s a sign it should be the perfect time to ditch your SEO consultant.  In 2012, savvy entrepreneurs and business owners are nickel and diming each aspect of their business.  People are investing their money more wisely than ever before. They are less likely to choose an SEO consultant based on price and that they are focusing on SEO experts that have proven track records.

If you’re in the market for a new SEO consultant, make sure you ask him or her to give you with proof.  In other words, ask to see proven results from ‘current’ customers that they have been with for more than just a couple of months. Internet marketing experts recommend that people choose SEO consultants that have a solid client base of at least 1-2 years (or more) old.

4. Add Original Photos & Videos

If you would like to make your website more interactive, consider adding original photos and interesting videos to your website.  When Google crawls web pages, they appear for content that’s diverse.  Don’t forget to optimize your videos and photos for SEO purposes.

5. Share Web Content via Face book, Twitter & Google+

If you would like to generate more traffic in 2012, share your content with your social media networks.  Make sure you optimize your web pages for social sharing to help attract more traffic. For example, Face book permits you to make your pages more social media friendly by optimizing your titles and Meta tags by using Face book Open Graph. When one of your friends shares one of your web pages, this automatically improves the conversion rate of your website.

Lastly, when sharing content through social media, don’t forget to include a back link to your website. Social media provides a wonderful opportunity to engage with people who ‘like’ or ‘follow’ you online. Although SEO rules are constantly evolving, the tips above will give you a good head start on the race to online success in 2012.

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Laxey-Based Poet Just Misses Out On Prestigious Award

Having put them in the post, poetry fan Frances Whittle-Butler thought little of her entries into the Arvon national poetry contest.

That was until she was called to London, having been short-listed. When I received a couple of emails in October telling me of the news, I was surprised and delighted. said the 47-year-old, who lives in Laxey. It is such a prominent competition and, of the 33 short-listed, I had two different poems incorporated.

The Arvon Foundation is one of the world privileged in artistic writing, founded in 1968 by the writers John Fairfax and John Moat, both close friends of Ted Hughes, who went on to become poet laureate in 1984.

The poetry rivalry, founded by Ted Hughes, is now in its 30th year. As it is of universal implication, there are significant cash prizes and global recognition for the winners.

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Digital Juice Introduces a Brand New Set of Juice Drops Coated Backgrounds for Photoshop

Digital Juice announced today that it has released Juice Drops Collection One obvious aim the first in a series of new and expanded layered Photoshop graphics collections. These new Collections will each contain over 400-layered images delivered in a wide variety of styles, themes, looks and size formats. This first offering, Juice Drops Collection One clear INTENT, takes its inspiration primarily from the existing Digital Juice Fonts library with many of its illustrations designed to support the addition of DJ Fonts headlines and text layouts. The resulting collection contains more than 400 original customizable images in a useful text template format.

Our focus the last three years has been on rapidly rising our motion design and compositing products, says David Hebel, Founder and CEO of Digital Juice. That’s why you have not seen any new print and graphics creations lately. We are now getting back to our ancestry and plan to release a host of new vide and print graphics products starting with the prelaunch of the Juice Drops line.

What are Juice Drops?

The Juice Drops library is a set of royalty-free layered backdrop and illustrations that are completely customizable. Often described as Art You Take Apart each background is a finished complete graphic, delivered with all the original layers intact for easy customization for any type of design use from billboards to web pages, from motion graphics to print advertising and packaging applications. Artists can use the graphics trodden in their inventive composition or they can mix and merge layers from different backgrounds to create new and unique looks.

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Layering the Olden and Modern: Meet Artist Caitlin Karolczak

Caitlin Karolczak, who’s painting Storm poises the cover of the fall issue of MOQ, grew up on Minnesota’s Iron Range and then came to the Twin Cities to earn degrees in fine arts and art history from the University of Minnesota in 2005. She lives in Minneapolis and is co-owner of Spinario Design, a store and gallery at 1300 Second St. NE that sells mid-century modern furniture and accessories, and fine art from many centuries, all of which inspires and influences her own artwork.

Karolczak’s art is on view at Spinario, and she has a show coming up at Design Within Reach. Her semi-annual open studio takes place during the Northeast Fall Fine Arts Show, Nov. 19-21, at The Bottling House, 79 13th Ave. NE, no. 203. More information on these and other shows will be posted on her Web site. She will also have several paintings at Gallery5 in Richmond, Virginia, for a show called Memento Mori, from October 29 until Dec 17.

Karolczak likes to realize the flaw of the human mind and body, and draws inspiration from her group of epoch medical photographs, which she says blur the line between artistic portraiture and scientific graphic. She combines classical techniques and vintage materials such as the 400-year-old paper snippets incorporated into Storm with modern materials and metaphors, blending both figurative and abstract motifs in her paintings.

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On The Faction

Eerie, whirr calls plug the sky on a frosty April morning. Hundreds of sand hill cranes collect down the edges of Fruit growers Reservoir, on the southern edge of western Colorado’s Grand Mesa. Tucked amid cropland and wise-spotted pastures, the tank is a vital rest stop on the birds long spiral voyage from New Mexico north to Montana, Idaho and Canada. They kited in the previous evening just prior to sundown, back-flapping their great wings, lowering their spindly landing gear. Now, some stalk the shore, looking for bugs and grain; others smarten their glossy sand-gray feathers, getting ready to obtain voyage once again.

As the sun warms the air, the cranes fling themselves into the sky. They broadcast wildly, extending their legs backward and their necks ahead until they look like flying arrows. Then they knit themselves into torn V formations, strengthening up and up to gain the altitude they need to cross the 10,000-foot-high mesa. Their feathers flash silver in the morning light, and their rolling chirrs grow fainter and fainter as they head north.

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Edinburgh Festival’s Elevated Flyers

It took a couple of years to labor out what was dissimilar. Strolling through Edinburgh’s Bristo Square, I found myself persistent by the hoardings so that I could look at the posters correctly. Running up the Pleasant, I really stopped and asked the street teams to hand over their flyers.

Eye-wateringly bright posters on every accessible surface and handfuls of surplus flyers are required evils of the festival season, besides being shouted at by students clothed as Restoration courtesans on the Royal Mile, really leisurely-changing traffic lights and a lack of sleep. They are another weapon in the month-long opulent stabbing that is the trimming.

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