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New ARM Mali graphics processors bring 4K video to phones and tablets

ARM processors have been already incorporated in most of the mobile devices and this technology was now even more got upgraded to bring 4K graphics to tablets and smartphones with better long lasting battery life. This upgraded version of 4K display connectors provides higher-resolution screens enabling even better clarity on high-end tablets and smartphones.

The usage of graphics in devices will consume more battery power and this Mali processor stands exceptional as it draws less power than their predecessors. The top-end Mali T860 can render 4K video and has the capability to encode and decode videos based on the H.265 format. The 4K video can be displayed at a resolution of 3840 x 2160 which is quadruple times higher than 1080p high-definition. The 4K screens have not been incorporated in most of the high-end mobile devices. But, Netflix recently has been started streaming the 4K video.

ARM models which seemed to be used in models like Samsung Galaxy S5, the Sony Xperia Z3 and the LG G3 are designed to handle processing of 4K video shot on powerful cameras. But, actually the 4K display is still not available on any mobile device.

ARM holds licenses for CPU and graphics processor designs and does not involve in making physical chips and those graphics processors are used by companies like Samsung, Lenovo and other device makers. The upgraded version of Mali T860 is 45 percent efficient than that of Mali T628. The other version of ARM Mali V550 4K video accelerator is used in conjunction with GPUs and this accelerator has eight processing cores that can decode more than 30 frames per second.

The purpose for launching new Mali cores is to deliver better graphics to make UHD resolution look even smoother on mobile device screens than ever before. The technology also helps to launch low-cost and top-shelf tablets or smartphones. The upgraded version of new T860 comes with 16 shader cores that help to bring more realism of images in games. T830 and T820 are the other Mali chip models used to build pleasing screen quality on smartphones and tablets.

V550 is a 4K video accelerator that gets released in the market which possess 8 processing core that helps to further increase 4K video rendering ability in mobile devices to goes beyond 30 frames per second.

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Three Things You Should Consider When Using Pixels

Digital marketers are thrilled about huge data. By adding huge amount of data on user behavior, online marketers can target customers more accurately and provide ads more efficiently than ever before.

Why Pixels are so significant

Pixels are generally transparent 1×1 GIF or PNG images; make it probable for site owners and third-party vendors to keep tabs on what’s really happening on a website at the most granular level.

Pixels are downloaded automatically when the user do a specific action, such as arriving on a page or clicking a button. We know that a given action has taken place only when the server registers the download. Since pixels, in conjunction with cookies, permit us to collect data on a specific user, they make it possible to target ads to the people who are most likely to be impacted by them.

There are three things you should consider when using pixels. They are


Although pixels performs all of their tracking while keeping users anonymous, privacy advocates, mainly in Europe, have been concerned about the spread of pixels and third-party tracking. Customers should constantly be notified when information is gathered and should have the capability to opt-out.

When the data is presented precisely and clearly, consumers identifies that the anonymous tracking that takes place behind the scenes of all web visit makes the Internet an improved and much more functional place.

Data Leakage

A distinctive advertiser may have several kinds of pixels running on a given site. The digital marketer must understand exactly what data is being gathered and acted upon.
Though the business is becoming more transparent, we know that data can leak and it is hard for marketers to wrest control of their data. For secure, marketers should only work with vendors that obviously outline what data they gather and whether that data is being resold to other companies. Marketers should work with vendors that belong to organizations like the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) or Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) etc.

Pixel Management

Most of the sites are tormented with pixels, some of them placed by old vendors and no longer in use. If pixels aren’t used properly, they can affect a site’s performance and put important data in danger. For this reason, tag management platforms that make it probable to store all of a site’s pixels in an easily modified system have become popular.

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The Nvidia’s Launches World’s Fastest Notebook GPU – GTX 580M

If you live on the bleeding edge of technology, then you might want to take a new look at Alien ware’s new M18x which is the first notebook infused with Nvidia’s latest GTX 580M graphics card. Oh wait, make that two GTX 580M’s in SLI, how’s that for high end? While we won’t be seeing this in India anytime soon, the good news is that the M17x will also be recharged with a single GTX 580M along with Nvidia’s Optimus technology which claims 5 hours of battery life.

The GTX 580M officially claims the title of world’s fastest notebook GPU which is proficient of running even the most demanding DX11 games. Crisis 2 with the DX11 patch should be a real treat on this monster. Along with this, Nvidia’s launched the GTX 570M which should make it to the smaller M15x very soon. The following are the features offered by the latest Fermi GPU:

•   Support for NVIDIA 3D visualization technology.

•  Support for NVIDIA 3DTV Play software, for connecting 3D Vision-based notebooks to 3D TVs.

•  NVIDIA SLI technology, which links two GTX GPUs for up to double your gaming performance.

• NVIDIA Optimus technology, which enables extra-long battery life by automatically switching on and off the GPU so that it runs only when needed.

•  NVIDIA PhysX engine support.

•  NVIDIA CUDA architecture support, for GPU computing applications.

•  NVIDIA Verde notebook drivers, for frequent performance improvements and stability

What’s unfortunate is that the M18x won’t be getting the Optimus treatment, which means battery life is going to suffer badly. Even if Nvidia’s manages to under clock the cards to a great extent, there are still two of them so I would estimate a backup time of not more than 2 hours even with a 9-cell battery.

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YouTube releases Beta Version for Video Making – Animation Creation Feature

YouTube – THE ONLINE VIDEO ARM of Google has released a beta for an animation creation feature which allows the users to create videos without recording any track at all.

An enormous 35 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute, making the outfit a depot for moving images. Now it can assist users make more moving images, with three video creation options offered.

The first two options, Goanimate and Xtranormal Movie Maker, allow users to create animations featuring images and text. Users may have seen these tools used before in a huge number of bears talking about various topics videos.

A third tool, Stupeflix, allows users to create a video slideshow featuring photos, video clips and music. This can be used to create very proficient looking ads for products, with transition shots and other things that make it look much better than a regular slideshow.

These tools were formerly available on independent websites, but the integration into YouTube makes them much easier to use, with a publish button at the ready to get them onto YouTube immediately. YouTube plans to add more video creation tools in the future. The crowd-sourcing of video making is accelerating.

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Choosing the Correct Font Style

One of the popular dominant parts of direct mail support campaigns is the copy. While arty covering or effervescent descriptions might entice consumers to open promotional equipment it’s the copy that will ultimately sell them on the advertised products or services.

When writing copy, there are a number of additional elements that businesses must judge. It must be well-written, contain copious calls to act and embrace strain-inducing phrases. One part that is generally over looked by many entrepreneurs, though, is font type. The typeset used in a drive can thoroughly alter the tone that the replica presents.

Choosing the correct font can be demanding task. An article from the business blog BizNik suggests that initial alternative fonts that are clearly intended for print materials. While it may seem like a miniature variation, some fonts are proposed for computer screens, while others are made with print in mind. This can help improve in general readability.

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Extensis Unveils New Selection Studio Digital Media Library Server

Extensis, a partition of Celartem Inc., today introduced a new addition to its group line of Digital Asset Management (DAM) products: Portfolio Studio an image store server that saves time within small teams by routinely archiving and centralizing access to photos and project files with reliable metadata. Portfolio Studio takes folder-based workflows to the next level by providing web-based gear for teams to establish and adapt photos and graphic files.

Portfolio Studio is the ideal choice for small work groups to rationalize their projects without any IT hassles. The entire system is accessible via a trendy web or desktop application and the included Auto Sync technology endlessly works behind the scenes to monitor network folders for the most up to date information to keep the records searchable. Portfolio Studio’s seamless and standards-based approach means keywords and other important metadata are automatically coordinated with Adobe Bridge, Light room, and other inspired Suite applications.

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